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The History of The Fellas

In the fall of 1984, twelve 14 and 15 year old, African-American male, tenth graders and one SC State student got together and decided to form an organization at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, SC. Already formed at Northwestern were the exclusively-Anglo “Rebel’s Club”, and a group of African-American, senior class males, that called themselves “ANBLU” or “Ain’t Nobody Bad Like Us.” The ANBLU members were a very tight-knit group and appeared not to have an interest in opening up their membership to any “lowly” underclassmen. So, with no other options-Joey Avery, Charles Barber, Iky Boyd, Horace Goggins, Eric Johnson, Charles Joseph, Darrin McKinney, Allen Posey (who was enrolled as a Freshman at SC State), Jerry Robinson, Tim Roddey, and Zedric Ware decided to officially name their friendship “The Fella’s/Party Brothers”. The motto became “We’re So Cool”.

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