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Mentoring programs


Fellas Mentoring Program

Fellas Mentoring Program

Projected Methods & Milestones



  • RH School District #3 Background check secured by any member desiring to work with youths

  • Work within the parameters established by the selected school's Administration and Faculty to mentor targeted youth

  • Initial 1:1 meeting with Mentee and family (primary support)

  • Use of formal non-invasive profile to understand Mentee interests and hopes

  • After first 30 days or mentoring : use of follow-up questionnaire to get feedback on progress and perceptions

  • Basic Crisis Plan to enlist supports and plans-of-action, in cases of emergency

  • Build a Resources Network for use by Mentee and/or their primary supports.

  • Track Mentee movements through life transitions such as college/training/work etc.

  • Celebrate positive accomplishments by mentees via print and or electronic media    


Targeted Milestones

  • Members will work with partners to provide resources and opportunities to Mentees to promote:


  1. Hope for the future

  2. Positive Self Imagine

  3. Sense of Community

  4. Character

  5. Curiosity & Learning


  • Members will encourage graduate mentees to return to Northwestern High School/Rock Hill area and support Mentoring efforts (give back)


Become A Mentor

The Fellas welcome you to please reach out to the Fellas organization if you would like to volunteer time or resources to help us with our mentoring activities. Click the button below for inquiry.


Mentoring with the NWHS Trojans Football Team

The Fellas are currently working with the Northwestern High School Head Football Coach, to assist in their current football player mentoring program. We have had positive meetings to set the scope of the Fellas involvement in the program. The Fellas will be engaged in these efforts starting in the 2018 - 2019 school year.



Mentoring at Rawlinson Road Middle School

Rawlinson Road Middle School has partnered with the FELLAS (Fellowship,
Excellence, Longevity, Leadership, and Sustainability) of Rock Hill to provide mentoring to their students. The FELLAS will be mentoring students that were selected by RRMS to help them reach their maximum potential. Members of the FELLAS organization are community members who are committed to improving the Rock Hill community through service.

Here are some of the topics the Fellas will cover:


  • Proper introduction and handshake

  • The importance of being successful in school

  • Self-awareness

  • Peer pressure (good & bad)

  • What to expect from high school

  • How to speak with/to an adult

  • Careers & Goals

  • How to treat and respect one another


Mentoring Calendar

Mentoring Calendar
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